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welcome to Liveshiv Media


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At liveshiv media, we use our expertise to uncover the authenticity of your brand and make your media more meaningful.

We want to collaborate with you to create or transform your brand experience to be immersive and cohesive for your users, no matter the platform.

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A letter from the founder

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Shivani Persad

My passion for media began with political media. After receiving my Political Science degree from McMaster University I became obsessed with the ways in which our society learns about politics through media. I've also been modelling for ten years with the motivation of representing a marginalized community: darker skinned brown girls; but modelling has also taught me so much about the work that goes into producing a campaign and developing a brand from start to finish.

Throughout my career as a model I began to notice a space where my two worlds could combine. I wanted to take my fashion experience and apply it to campaigns that were going to make a difference. The advertisements I gravitate to are the ones where brands are championing social justice, demonstrating that there is a place in media for selling a product while also taking a stand. 

These are the ads our generation responds to - our resilient, dedicated and passionate generation. We have this amazing ability to give a shit; and would rather support brands whose ethos is similar to ours and stop supporting the brands with whom our values do not align. Data shows us that this "trend" isn't going anywhere - consumers are becoming more and more conscious, expecting brands to take a position on social/political issues of the day. 

We have seen time and time again that our generation has to power to help companies succeed when we support them, and fail when we don't. And for the first time the metrics here are morals, ethics, social justice, the betterment of humanity, the betterment of the planet! It's about more than whether or not your product does it's job, it's about who you are as a brand and being transparent about that. We have made it so that the brands we consume are a reflection of our beliefs as a people. 

So whether it's media we help others to create, or when we create the media we want to see - my mission is to create meaningful media that represents our generation's ability to create a space for social justice in the marketplace. We do this in a number of ways at Live Shiv Media so I encourage you to please learn more about our services and connect with us.

I hope to work with you soon,

Shivani x

More About Shivani:

Shivani is the founder of @liveshivmedia. After receiving a degree in Political Science and working as a model for ten years, she found a place where her two worlds could combine when brands starting championing social justice in their advertising. She started @liveshivmedia to create the type of media she wanted to see, but also to help companies realize that not only is taking a stand on prominent issues a way to show what your brand values - it's also what consumers want! She hopes to continue to marry her two passions for media and social justice through her work and demonstrate that there is a place for social justice in mainstream media. When she isn't modeling or creating activism with media, Shivani enjoys sitting on the advisory board for the Model Alliance and connecting with other model activists with the Model Mafia community. But seriously, when she isn't doing something fashion/politics related she's probably just cuddling her cats.


The Live SHiv Media Team

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Irah Muhamad Nor

marketing Manager

Hi y’all, I’m Irah the digital and social media marketing manager here at Live Shiv Media. I graduated with an honours BA in Media and Communications at Brock University before having just about every job under the sun…until I found my calling for marketing. When it comes to working with Live Shiv Media, it is the perfect storm of mixing my passion for social justice and creative media. In my free time, I’m obsessed with bad reality tv, everything true-crime, travelling, online shopping and my cat Ollie!

Varsha Maharajh

Creative Media Manager

I’m Varsha, the graphic designer at LiveShiv Media. I’ve recieved BSc in Biology from York University, and dabbled in the Real Estate space, before deciding to take my passion for art and media and turn it into the real deal. Working with LiveShiv Media was no brainer for me, as the company fuses media, art, and social justice in a beautiful, meaningful way. When I’m not attached to her apple pencil, I’m learning new songs her guitar or piano, studying for my environmental management courses, or in bed with some tea watching any and every documentary on Netflix.

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Sajni Gagner

Media Intern

Hey there! I’m Sajni, and I’m the media intern at LiveShiv Media. By day (and sometimes by night), I’m a Cardiovascular Perfusionist, and my passion for equal opportunity for women (especially of color) began right in the operating room. I am thrilled to be a part of the team at LSM to help brands showcase the importance of using media to promote diversity, inclusion and women! During my free time, I’m binge watching The Office on Netflix and using my tiny kitchen to bake up a storm!



Our services

liveshiv media offers three crucial pillars to ensure your brand is putting it’s best foot forward. We work to ensure that our work and your brand always comes through authentically


Creative Direction

Whether it’s stunning assets, meaningful messaging or even on-set creative direction, liveshiv media will work with you to ensure that all touch points of your brand will create change, contain depth and drive impact. Ask us what we can do for all creative aspects of your brand.


Brand Marketing

Whether it’s your current brand that just needs a perk up, or a new brand that needs some development, liveshiv media can support you. Tap us in during the development stages of your brand for a fully refined go-to-market strategy or for a consultation on what we can do for your branding. We can help you bring your brand to life and help create exceptional experiences for your consumers.


Diversity Consultation

Diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do here at liveshiv media. We will make sure that your brand not only exudes diversity but also exemplifies inclusivity.

We also offer:

  • Brand consultancy

  • Event Planning

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Brand Audits

  • Campaign Strategy + Management


we work with some incredible partners and here are just a few of them.

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Muskaan Makeup x Seek Minial brought to you by Live Shiv Media

Muskaan Makeup x Seek Minial brought to you by Live Shiv Media

Neon Coat x SheaTerra Organics for Neon Coats NYFW

Neon Coat x SheaTerra Organics for Neon Coats NYFW

Aavrani x Vidality

Aavrani x Vidality


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